Another interesting article regarding the Disney/Marvel merger hoopla:

Following up on the Disney acquisition of Marvel, I attended this morning’s investor call. A full transcript is supposed to be available later today; in the meantime, here are some quick notes I took. I apologize in advance if there are any glitches; I was trying to type very fast to take down statements.

The call was opened by Lowell Singer, Disney’s SVP of Investor Relations. Bob Iger, President and CEO of Disney, began with prepared remarks. Several times, Marvel’s portfolio of “over 5000 characters” was mentioned as having potential value for development. Terms like “value”, “leverage”, and “revenue synergies” were used frequently. Disney expects that “synergies over time will drive value creation”, that is, they’ll make money by being able to incorporate Marvel characters into their many distribution areas. Also said was “vertical integration removes friction” (which I read as meaning not needing to pay outside companies to do what they can do in-house in terms of movies, properties, licensing, etc.). Comparisons were made to the successful acquisition of Pixar three years ago.

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