About Sarah Dope

“I’m just here to eat sushi, play videogames, and create art.”

Sarah Dope is a photographer and social media specialist, amongst other things.

Being self-taught in Photoshop and HTML, Sarah started her professional career designing and coding for major record labels, musicians, actors, professional athletes, and comedians. She then took some time off to tour the country as a merch girl for rock bands before settling back down in the digital space with companies such as Disney, Machinima, theAudience, The Hive, and Rhymesayers Entertainment.

After being born and raised in Missouri, living in Los Angeles for ten years, Sarah currently resides in Minneapolis, MN.


For details, you can visit my LinkedIn profile here

Rhymesayers Entertainment / Soundset [2013-present]
Social Media, Digital Marketing, Creative + Twitch Project Manager for Rhymesayers / Production for Soundset

Cliental includes: Rhymesayers (overall brand), Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Brother Ali, deM atlaS, DJ Abilities, Grieves, Soundset (annual festival), Evidence, Dilated Peoples, Fifth Element (shop), Hail Mary Mallon (Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic), PROF, Sa-Roc, Step Brothers (Alchemist x Evidence), The Uncluded, Astro Gaming, Razer, Twitch

theAudience [2012]
Client + Content Strategy Associate, Music

Cliental included: Atmosphere, Black Sabbath, LMFAO, Redfoo, Usher, etc.

Machinima [2011]
Content + Community Manager, Social Media

Cliental included: ActiVision, EA, THQ, Disney, Warner Bros., Square Enix, Paramount, Lionsgate, etc.

Social Envi [2011]
Part-Time Community Manager + Consultant for FEARnet

Net Music Promotions, LLC [2008]
Creative Consultant

Cliental included:  Whitesnake, Type O Negative, Michael Jackson, Kool & the Gang, Droid, Tracy Lyons, etc.

Buzznet [2006-2007]

Warner Bros. Records [2005, 2013]
Graphic Designer, Temporary Consultant for Interactive Marketing

Cliental included: Avenged Sevenfold, Bloodsimple, Dark New Day, Disturbed, Echosmith, Fight or Flight, Gary Clark Jr., Gemini Syndrome, HIM, Madonna, My Chemical Romance, Mystery Skulls, The Used, etc.

The Hive [2013]
Social Media + Digital Marketing

Cliental included: Jared Leto, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Adventures in Wonderland (formerly known as The One & Only Golden Tickets), etc

DigiSynd / The Walt Disney Company [2008-2010]
Marketing + Community Coordinator, Strategy

Cliental included: Warner Bros. (before our Disney acquisition), Disney Studios, Pixar, Disney Animation, Disney Interactive, Touchstone, Miramax, etc.

Freelance + Self Employment [1999 – present]
Social Media, Coding + Design, Merchandising, Marketing, Photography, Modeling, Writing

Cliental included: Thirty Seconds to Mars, Chad Michael Ward, Tony Hawk, Adam Hunter, Shane West, Powerman 5000, Strata, Kill Hannah, Sick Puppies, Dir En Grey, In This Moment, Posthuman/Priority Records, Immortal Records, Underground/Invisible Records, Five Finger Death Punch, Dope, My Chemical Romance, Alternative Press, Metal Edge, Rolling Stone, SYC FUK Clothing, Combichrist, Warner Bros. Records, Rhymesayers Entertainment, etc.